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Company Profile

Suzhou Guoliang Measuring Tool Technology Co., Ltd., located in Kunshan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jiangsu, China, is a domestic enterprise specializing in the production of high-precision measuring tools. The crystalline nanomaterials independently developed by Guoliang have all intellectual property rights from the formulation to the production process. At present, the material is at the advanced level in the world. Guoliang's crystalline nanomaterials and products have participated in international invention selections on behalf of the country many times, and won the Geneva International Invention Gold Award and multinational invention awards, filling the gap in materials and measuring tools at home and abroad. Nanocrystalline material products have the characteristics of high hardness, not affected by temperature, low expansion coefficient, wear resistance, no rust, corrosion resistance, good smoothness, no static electricity, and long service life. The secondary treatment process independently developed by Guoliang Company for imported steel makes it have a series of advantages such as high hardness, strong plasticity, fine element structure, stable molecular structure, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, and stable deformation under normal temperature environment. . Both material products are ahead of the international level.


Company culture

The company adheres to the corporate culture of "wisdom creates perfection", is guided by customer needs, and fully implements ISO9001 quality assurance system standards and "6S" management based on the industry's "professional, sophisticated, and cuttingedge" technical elites' deep understanding of measuring tool products. With strong production capacity, excellent product quality and high costeffective advantages to meet the needs of different customers. At the same time, the company adheres to the business philosophy of "honesty and trustworthiness, customer first, peopleoriented, brand management", and sincerely cooperates with domestic and foreign merchants to create the glory of the measuring tool industry.


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Nano Material Products
Smooth ring gauges, smooth plug gauges, through-stop gauges, gauge blocks, needle gauges, taper gauges, calipers, concentricity test rods, pneumatic probes with special shapes and non-standard customization. The above products are made of crystalline nano-materials, which are suitable for measurement institutions and used as calibration parts for enterprise quality inspection standards and measurement equipment, and are maturely used in final inspection departments.
Metal material products
Guoliang metal products are produced using imported steel independently researched and developed by Guoliang company as raw materials. The application categories are: smooth ring gauges, optical stop gauges, needle gauges, gauge blocks, pneumatic probes, taper gauges, calipers, V Shape blocks, concentricity test rods, thread ring gauges, thread through-stop gauges, petroleum thread gauges, multi-thread gauges, trapezoidal thread gauges, inspection tools, jigs, fixtures, special-shaped regulations, non-standard customization.
General measuring tools
External micrometer, internal micrometer, lever micrometer, caliper, representative caliper, digital caliper, micrometer, dial indicator, lever dial indicator, lever indicator.
Equipment category
External micrometer, internal micrometer, lever micrometer, caliper, representative caliper, digital caliper, micrometer, dial indicator, lever dial indicator, lever indicator.
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After years of hard work, Guoliang is developing in a direction that was once insurmountable.

As of the end of 2016, it has broken through 124 patents, and has become the first enterprise with independent intellectual property

rights in the measuring tool industry in three to five years.




Address: No.53, Matang Road, Penglang Town, Kunshan City


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