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How does the Will profiler measure an object

In the current instrument market, most precision instruments have high environmental requirements. The temperature must be controlled between 20°C±2°C, generally between 18°C and minus 24°C...

Waterproof digital caliper with built-in absolute scale

The waterproof function of the ABS anti-coolant caliper (standard type) has reached the IP67 protection level, and it can be used with confidence even in a large amount of coolant. All products have

Participant of Measuring Tool Industry Standard

Suzhou Guoliang Measuring Tool Technology Co., Ltd., located in Kunshan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jiangsu, China, is a domestic enterprise specializing in the production of hig...

What is nanocrystalline material

Nanocrystalline material refers to a crystalline material with at least one dimension in the nanometer scale in the three-dimensional space. Its grain size is about 1-250 nanometers. A distinctive...

Characteristics of imported steel materials

Nano material products: smooth ring gauges, smooth plug gauges, stop gauges, gauge blocks, needle gauges, taper gauges, calipers, concentricity test rods, pneumatic probes with special shapes and

How does the roughness profiler detect products

Because of the ups and downs of the measurement surface profile, the stylus will move up and down in the direction perpendicular to the measurement profile surface, and move through the...

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