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Waterproof digital caliper with built-in absolute scale

2021-04-28 14:57

1. The waterproof function of the ABS anti-coolant caliper (standard type) has reached the IP67 protection level, and it can be used with confidence even in a large amount of coolant. All products have passed the air leakage test, making it safer and more reliable to use.

2. The height of the text is about 22% (9.0mm) for better visibility.

3. The battery cover can be opened and closed without a screwdriver, and the battery can be replaced more quickly.

4. The power consumption of the IC is reduced, and the battery life has jumped from 3 years to 5 years.

5. The simple design of only one switch realizes simple measurement operation.

6. Built-in ABS (absolute) ruler, there is no need to reset the origin every time the power is turned on, and the measurement can be entered more quickly.

7. With automatic power on/off function, the LCD display will be turned off when not in use for 20 minutes, but the origin of the ABS measurement system will be saved. When the ruler frame moves, the power is automatically turned on.

8. Allow step measurement.

9. Can be used to build statistical engineering management systems and measurement systems.

10. With inspection certificate. (Not available as calibration certificate)

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