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How does the Will profiler measure an object

2021-04-28 14:59

In the current instrument market, most precision instruments have high environmental requirements. The temperature must be controlled between 20°C±2°C, generally between 18°C and minus 24°C, and the humidity should be controlled between 45%-75%. The precision of the guide rail on the measuring instrument is very high. If there is dust or impurities, the guide rail will be scratched. In addition to dust and impurities, aviation gasoline can also be used to wipe metal rails, and ethanol can be used to wipe granite rails. Sometimes it is easy to cause misunderstanding, that is, the image measuring instrument is the same as other machines, and the slide rail needs to be lubricated during maintenance. In reality, this is incorrect. Generally speaking, only a small amount of anti-rust oil can be applied to transmission components, such as screws and magnetic strips. Prepare the temperature. Before starting the machine, please check its humidity, humidity and cleanliness of the instrument, and then check whether the power supply is operating normally, and check the grounding of the stabilized power supply at a fixed time.

The second step of the Weir Profiler is: how to prepare for the measurement process

To prevent the workpiece to be tested from being cleaned on the test bench, it is to prevent mechanical residues on the workpiece from damaging the accuracy and long life. Large workpieces should be handled with care when placing them, in order to avoid damage to the instrument. Be sure to fix the small workpiece and then measure it, otherwise it will affect the accuracy results. Be careful when rotating the lens during the measurement process, and be sure not to hit the workpiece under test.

The third step after the Weir profilometer* is: after measurement

After the measurement of the Weir profilometer is completed, the maintenance is not over yet. The waist ensures that the work surface is clean and the workbench is kept clean. In addition, check the slides and do not leave any debris or water stains on the slides. After finishing, and turn off the power.

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