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Purchase, verification and maintenance of digital measuring tools

2018-09-13 17:12

The three main varieties of electronic digital measuring tools-electronic digital calipers, electronic digital micrometers and electronic digital indicators, are increasingly popular with users due to their high precision, multiple functions, and ease of use, especially in recent years. Stable, lower prices, new varieties of electronic digital measuring tools continue to come out, and market demand has increased dramatically.

Electronic digital display measuring tools, mainly represented by digital calipers, have been produced and used in my country for more than ten years. At present, there are more than ten factories producing. In terms of the quality and precision control of digital display measuring tools, especially the design and production of digital display non-standard special measuring tools, Guilin Anyi Measuring Tool Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as "Anyi Measuring Tool") is at the leading domestic level .

Take the electronic digital caliper and the electronic digital display indicator as examples to give a brief description of the application, verification and repair of electronic digital display measuring tools.

    One. The purchase of electronic digital calipers

    At present, the most popular in the market is the three-button digital caliper with electronic switch. The three buttons are the measurement system conversion key, the switch key and the reset key. The electronic digital caliper is switched on and off at any position, and the measurement origin (zero point) remains unchanged. Anyi’s three-button digital caliper, its display window is not ordinary plexiglass, but special quartz glass, which has strong scratch resistance and cannot be scratched with ordinary civilian knives. Due to the modular structure, maintenance is very convenient. According to the different requirements of users, electronic digital calipers with various optional functions or special performance can be designed.

    Special functions considered in circuit design are:

    With memory retention function. In the case of inconvenient reading, press this key to remember the instantaneous measured value;

    Tolerance zone can be set. You can set the upper and lower limit deviation values of the tested workpiece, and prompt whether the measurement result is qualified or not. If it is unqualified, it also points out that it is the upper limit deviation value or the lower limit deviation value;

    The maximum value can be tracked. When measuring the size of the cavity such as the diameter of the hole, it is more convenient to use this function;

    The minimum value can be tracked. It is more convenient to use this function when measuring external dimensions such as shaft diameter;

    The value can be preset. Usually, the diameter of the hole is measured by the measuring claw in the arc of the vernier caliper, and the measurement result needs to be added to the combined width of the measuring claw in the arc. If you forget to add this size inadvertently, it may cause waste. If you use the preset value function to pre-set the combined width of the measuring jaws in the arc, you can directly read the diameter value of the hole, which is safe and convenient;

    Considered from the mechanical design:

    Inlaid carbide electronic digital caliper, which greatly improves the wear resistance of the measuring surface;

    Tooth thickness electronic digital caliper, used to measure the thickness of the gear teeth on the fixed string, and the measuring surface is also inlaid with cemented carbide;

    Threaded electronic digital caliper, used to measure the pitch diameter of the thread;

    Inner groove digital caliper, mainly used to measure the diameter of the inner cavity groove of the object;

    The internal groove width digital caliper is mainly used to measure the groove width and the axial position of the groove in the hole. The same task can also be accomplished by a digital depth caliper with a hook;

    External groove digital caliper, mainly used to measure the size of the concave part of the object or the thickness of irregularly shaped plate-like objects;

    Board thickness digital caliper, mainly used to measure the thickness of soft objects such as rubber and sponge, sometimes with a structure that limits the force measurement;

    Telescopic jaw digital caliper, because there is a measuring jaw that can be telescoped, it is often used to measure the horizontal distance of the partial surface of unequal height;

    The center distance digital caliper is mainly used to measure the center (axis) distance of two holes. There are two types of cone probe and cylindrical probe. The cone probe is used to measure the center distance of the two holes with a relatively flat orifice. The cylindrical probe adopts a step-by-step reading measurement method, that is: first measure the minimum distance between the inner walls of the two holes, fix the right sliding frame, loosen and move The left sliding frame makes contact with the right sliding frame, fix the left sliding frame, and then loosen and move the right sliding frame to measure the maximum distance between the walls of the two holes. The reading at this moment is the superposition of two values, because the ruler is designed to have One-half display function, you can directly display the distance between the axis of the two holes, please refer to the instruction manual for details;

    Universal joint digital caliper, mainly used to measure the groove size and mutual position in the universal joint;

    Plastic digital calipers, made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic or other engineering plastics. In addition, there are digital calipers made of aluminum alloy materials, etc., which are mainly used in occasions that require protection from side objects and special lightness;

    Electronic digital compasses, this type of digital caliper puts an end to the long history of using blind planning circles in production sites. The above-mentioned special electronic digital calipers bring a lot of convenience to the application in different occasions. For details, please ask the manufacturer for relevant information.

    When purchasing or ordering special measuring tools, the manufacturer should provide the manufacturer with a sketch of the relevant parts of the measured workpiece, indicating the measured size and related dimensions, so as to facilitate the reasonable selection of existing products or the design and manufacture of special electronic digital display measuring tools. For example: when purchasing an electronic digital caliper with internal grooves, the diameter of the groove to be measured in the hole or the depth and width of one side of the groove, the distance between the groove and the end face of the orifice and the diameter of the orifice at the entrance should be marked in order to facilitate Your purchase or manufacturer's accurate design.

   two. The purchase of electronic digital indicator

    According to the resolution, there are usually electronic digital dial indicator and electronic digital dial indicator, and there are high-precision digital dial indicators between the two. In fact, the high-precision digital dial indicator is closer to the digital dial indicator. In most cases, it can replace the sub-digital dial indicator, but the price is much cheaper. Electronic digital dial indicators generally have a relatively large range, mostly above 10mm. Large digital indicators have a range of more than 15mm. Small electronic digital indicators have a range of about 5mm. Because of their functions such as tracking the minimum value, It is very convenient to use with an inner diameter gauge.

    According to the main structure, the electronic digital indicator can be divided into circular and rectangular. The rectangular ones are mostly horizontal, depending on different needs. .

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