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Matters needing attention when using the Weir roundness meter

2020-05-27 18:14

When we use the Weir roundness meter, we must pay attention to these taboos. So what are there? In order to let everyone better understand today's editor of Fu Li, I have compiled the following content for everyone, hoping to help you, then let's take a look at it together.

The technical standards of the Weir roundness meter:

First, the first point, appearance

The working surface of the Weir roundness instrument device should not be rusted or scratched. The coating surface should be flat and well-proportioned. There should be no dark spots and molting. The external parts should also be neatly connected. For parts with engraved lines and printed characters, the text and lines should be clear, well-proportioned, and there should be no oil leakage.

Second, the second point, interaction and mutual parts

The moving part of the Weir roundness instrument device should move stably within the required range. The postures of various buttons, operating parts, and limit switch devices should be agile, effective, and function normally. The precise measurement position of the instrument and equipment should be in accordance with the spindle bearing rotation management center. The scope of recording and the scope of expertise of the center watch should be highly consistent.

The third point, the conversion deviation of the amplifier

The calibration deviation can exceed one hundredth.

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