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Characteristics of imported steel materials

2021-04-28 14:49


Main business category:

  (1) Nano material products: smooth ring gauges, smooth plug gauges, stop gauges, gauge blocks, needle gauges, taper gauges, calipers, concentricity test rods, pneumatic probes with special shapes and non-standard customization. The above products are made of crystalline nano-materials, which are suitable for measurement institutions and used as calibration parts for enterprise quality inspection standards and measurement equipment, and are maturely used in final inspection departments.

  (2) Metal material products: Guoliang metal products: It is produced using imported steel independently developed by Guoliang company as raw materials. Application categories are: smooth ring gauges, optical stop gauges, needle gauges, gauge blocks, pneumatic probes , Taper gauges, calipers, V-shaped blocks, concentricity test rods, thread ring gauges, thread through gauges, petroleum thread gauges, multi-threaded gauges, trapezoidal thread gauges, inspection tools, jigs, fixtures, special-shaped regulations, non- Standard customization.

  (3) General measuring tools: outer micrometer, inner diameter micrometer, lever micrometer, caliper, representative caliper, digital caliper, dial indicator, dial indicator, lever dial indicator, lever dial indicator.

  (4) Equipment categories: pneumatic measuring instruments, imagers, altimeters, projectors, microscopes, rust detectors, thickness gauges, hardness meters.

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